Domestic Septic Treatment Systems

AWTS specialise in septic treatment systems suitable for domestic use including service and repair for existing septic tank systems or the design and installation of new septic systems and complete wastewater treatment systems. Our domestic team can also provide quality spare parts and the design and installation of irrigation systems.

ADV 5000

1. Choosing a system is an important decision and should be based on thorough research of each systems’ capabilities, specifications and unique points of difference.

2. Once you have decided the Krystel Kleer ADV 5000 advanced secondary system best suits your family’s needs, you will need to submit an Application to council to install your Waste Water Treatment System, along with your DA. Most councils also require an application to operate a AWTS as well. AWTS Sales and Service are happy to assist you through this process. A geotechnical report may also be required in most areas to determine soil type, for the purpose of determining the irrigation method and size of the irrigation area required.


3. Once everything has been given approval, the Installation of the system and irrigation, determined by the geotechnical report, can then proceed. AWTS Sales and Service can arrange all the necessary licensed trades people on your behalf or we can liaise with your builder to ensure a trouble free installation.


4. Commissioning the system is performed after the electrical, plumbing and irrigation have all been completed and certified.

5. Once your system is complete, 3 monthly Servicing will commence and will continue, by law, for the life of the system. The first twelve months servicing is included in the system price, and at the end of that twelve month period you will be provided with a contract for the following twelve months giving you various servicing options.

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