Servicing and Maintenance

AWTS Sales and Service provide quarterly servicing and maintenance for your system in line with NSW health and Local council regulations. Our service vehicles are always fully stocked with the necessary parts and Equipment to service and repair all Brands  of system and have  technicians servicing from the northern beaches of Sydney to the  South Coast of NSW and inbetween.

All our technicians have the Latest servicing equipment including a servicing app which now allows the technician to have the latest information on demand from head office to their hand held Tablet. This allows the technician to have the latest client  information on hand should they need to confirm the service history of any client and when Certain parts were replaced.

The following Checks and Adjustments are carried out on the Quarterly Service

  • Removal of All Manhole Lids
  • Cleaning of the manholes
  • The Operation of the Air pump
  • Cleaning of the Air Filter
  • The operation of the Water Pump
  • Cleaning Of Irrigation Filters
  • Adjustment Of the Aeration if required
  • Adjustment of the Sludge return and scum skimmer if required
  • Sludge Levels recorded
  • The general Condition of the tank and its components
  • Testing of the PH
  • Testing of the residual Chlorine
  • Testing of the Air and Water Alarms
  • Replenish The disinfecting agent as required
  • Tank swept off and left clean and tidy
  • Report emailed to you for your records and also  the council

If repairs are required, The technician will call to discuss replacement of parts prior to replacing them

AWTS Sales and Service can also be contacted on weekends and evenings for your convenience if a problem arises.

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